Toys to die for ! 2009

Materials bronze & resin Sculpture 0,6m x 0,6m x  0,4m. Bronzes 0,3m x 0,2m various. Trunks 0,75m x 0,25 x 0,4m

Toys to die for! A multiple concept in with a combination of “Toy” and “Tool”. In each case two independent objects are brought together to create a new setting, a “Toy to die for”. Each piece, the bronze tools as well as the plastic sculptures can be obtained separately. Prices in shop.


In exhibition

  • 2009 Kunstenlab
  • 2009 Galerie Lutz
  • 2009 Tessloo
  • 2010 Popjugend, Galerie Maaike Husstege
  • 2010 Anningahof
  • 2011 Affordable Art Fair , Galerie Rademakers
  • 2013 DUO Denken , Anningahof

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